Looking to Sell Your Land? We'll Buy It FAST and With Cash!

Landmark Property Buyers is a land acquisition company based in the Midwestern United States. We have been buying land throughout the country since 2008 and we are looking to expand.

Can you relate to any of the following issues with your property?

  • Did you have plans to retire in this area, but changed your mind and now feel “stuck” with your property?
  • Do you live too far away from your property to enjoy it? 
  • Did you inherit your property, but have no practical use for it? 
  • Have you tried selling it, but it very difficult to find a legitimate buyer?
  • Have you gotten behind in paying your property taxes?
  • Did you buy your property thinking that the value would go up, only to see real estate values plummet?
  • Are you just holding on because you think selling it would be too much of a hassle?
  • With the current financial situation, do you find yourself needing extra CASH?

If you are familiar with any of the situations listed above, we want to help. We invest in properties all over the United States and WE WANT TO MAKE AN OFFER ON YOUR PROPERTY.  We are not real estate agents and we are not asking you to list your property with us; we want to buy your property now and are prepared to pay cash for it.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Quick transactions – We close quickly; your time is important to us and we know that the sooner we can relieve you of any burden the better for you.
  • We pay CASH – No loan contingencies. No banks to deal with.
  • We pay all closing costs and fees (including paying your back taxes) – Absolutely NO money is asked of you.
  • No agency contracts – We are not listing your property to sell, we are buying your property outright.
  • No stress to you. You sit back; we will do all the work.
  • Quick and easy sale process. We strive to make the sale process as simple as possible for our clients.

We strive to make the sale process very easy for our clients. If you would like to have cash in exchange for your property, please submit your property information on our easy online form.

We are confident you will be satisfied with the results you get.  With dozens of real estate transactions every year and a large real estate investment portfolio, we are one of the most professional, honest and reliable business partners in the real estate industry.